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Celebrating 54 years of breeding horses


The Gibson Family and their professional staff pride themselves on the personal care and attention to detail given.  At Success Stud, you can be assured that your horse will be carefully monitored according to its individual requirements.


Success Stud can provide a Stud Stay for your Mare, Mare and Foal, Weanlings, Yearlings and Spelling Racehorses. All horses are checked and fed at least twice daily.


The horses are fed a diet formulated by our Veterinarian.


Whether you intend breeding your valuable mare via frozen semen or chilled semen, we can be of service to you. Once your mare has been delivered on stud, the rest is up to us, from preparing the mare for insemination, arranging delivery of semen and monitoring the pregnancy.


All you need do is select the stallion of your choice - from basically anywhere in the world!!


Mares close to foaling are monitored 24 hours a day and are fitted with foaling alarms. Boxes are available at all times and mares and foals can be stabled in case of inclement weather, or if otherwise necessary.


Our experienced Veterinary Surgeons are always on call.



We are able to offer to our permanent boarders, a complete weaning, foal handling and branding service.


We handle the foals with care and patience to ensure that they learn the basic lessons with confidence.



Our yearlings spend several months at our property where the pastures and carefully monitored, a twice daily feeding programme gives them every opportunity to develop correctly.

Success Stud has an enviable reputation for the preparation and presentation of yearlings at the annual Yearling Sale. In consultation with Vets and Nutritionists, each yearling is carefully monitored during the preparation process to ensure that they reach their maximum sales potential and are given every opportunity of succeeding where it counts – on the racetrack.


Success Stud presents several well-bred yearlings owned by Success and our clients, each year at the Melbourne & Sydney APG Yearling Sales.  Read more ....

Veterinary / farrier

Our stud vet is on call 24 hours per day.

Professional Farriers visit the Stud monthly to ensure that all our horses receive regular attention. Foals with conformational faults are examined regularly and, in association with Veterinary advice, treated where necessary.


Each season Success Stud retains several fillies which will be raced before being retired to Stud.

Some of these fillies may be available to lease and enquiries in this regard are welcome.

Horse Transport


Our regular horse transport service, MLT Equine Transport, Tel:  0419 115 026, is used and recommended by Success Stud, to provide hassle free delivery of your mares to the Stud. 

Stud Stay
Artificial Inseminaton
Vet Farrie
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