Success Stud prides itself on the comprehensive services it provides. Together with their professional staff,  Mary and Jackie Gibson have many years experience in the care of horses at all stages, as they progress from a mere embryo on the ultrasound, to a professionally presented yearling in the sales ring.

2020-2021 Season

Service Fees

$16.50 per day (both dry & wet mares & yearlings)

$12.50 per day (weanlings until September)

$22.00 per day (spelling horses)
*** Subject to change with climatic conditions.

Yearling Sale Preparations available on request.

Foaling Fee
$440.00 – payable once only (24 hr foaling supervision). Does not include
any special medical treatment required by mare or foal pre/post foaling.

$550.00 - payable once (mares not breeding this season)

Weaning Fee
$440.00 – payable once (includes handling) foals will be stabled and continued to be handling throughout their stay at Success Stud. (Does not include inoculation needles or drenches).


Reproduction Fee (Transported semen)
$1,375.00 – payable once only. Includes normal breeding procedures inc all ultrasound scan, inseminations, basic drugs.*




Reproduction Fee (Frozen semen)
$1,760.00 – payable once only. Includes normal breeding procedures inc. all ultrasound scans, inseminations, basic drugs.*

* Should a mare require further procedures to enhance her breeding prospects the owner will be notified of any further charges that may be incurred.

Veterinary Fees


All veterinary fees, medications, dressings and advertisements are charged to the owner. All prices are inclusive of GST.


Success Stud reserves the right to amend all charges without notice. All care taken, however no responsibility accepted for injury or loss. For more information, please read our Service Terms & Conditions (below).

Service Terms and Conditions


The following terms & conditions apply for the services that Success Stud provides. Please read them carefully before making any booking for a Stud Stay or other service with Success Stud.


  • All fees will be paid fully within 30 days of invoice date. All associated charges pertain to mares on farm must be paid before the mare leaves Success Stud.

  • Mares will not be bred until a copy of her registration papers have been received and sighted by Success Stud Pty Ltd.

  • It is the mare owners’ responsibility to ensure all relevant bookings/contracts have been made with the stallion representatives before semen is ordered by Success Stud.

  • Any outstanding monies due to Success Stud Pty Ltd will be advised to the relevant authority for collection at the expense of the mare owner.

  • A veterinary certificate of pregnancy is available at the expense of the broodmare owner.

  • All Stud Stay (Agistment), worming, vaccinating, farrier, reproduction, veterinary costs and general horse well-being charges are the responsibility of the mare owner. These fees must be paid before the mare leaves the stud.

  • Success Stud Pty Ltd has a contracted semen courier whom collects the chilled transported semen from Canberra Airport to ensure a same day breeding.The costs of this service will be passed onto the mare owner.

  • Any insurance coverage will be disclosed to the stud farm relating to the mare.

  • Success Stud Pty Ltd is to be advised of any breeding history and any behavioral traits relating to the mare.

  • Success Stud Pty Ltd reserves the right to reject any mares not in good physical condition, those that pose a threat to the safely of staff and employees of Success Stud Pty Ltd, or not clean and fit for breeding.

  • Success Stud Pty Ltd will take all reasonable care of mares and foals and reserves the right to consult and employ veterinary care to ensure full well-being of mares and foals whilst on farm. However, neither Success Stud Pty Ltd, nor its members, agents or employees shall be liable for injury, death or disability suffered by the mare and or progeny from any cause whilst in the care of Success Stud Pty Ltd. The mare owner specifically agrees to such conditions and waives each and every claim for damages resulting from injury, death or disability to the mare and/or progeny.